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    • What is the Auto-ID
      Auto-ID – a universal algorithm that optimizes the voltage settings. Thanks to him, the charger automatically detects the type of device connected. This allows you to choose the optimum power supply mode and get the maximum charge rate.
    • What is the Quick Charge?
      Quick Charge technology allows you to charge your compatible mobile devices several times faster than conventional chargers. Today, there are three generations of technology: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 respectively.
    • How much chargers with Quick Charge are more efficient than conventional chargers?
      The average Quick Charge 1.0 charging twice as fast, Quick Charge 2.0 – three times, and Quick Charge 3.0 – four times.
    • What mobile devices are compatible with Quick Charge?
      Qualcomm Quick Charge technology is patented by Qualcomm company, which is known for its chips and processors for mobile devices.
      Here you can find the exact list of compatible mobile devices.
    • Can charger with Quick Charge to charge devices are not compatible with Quick Charge?
      Yes. Quick Charge technology supports a backward compatibility scheme. For example, if the mobile device supports only 2.0, then the charger with 3.0 will work in 2.0 mode.
    • Is a charger with Quick Charge 3.0 compatible with previous versions of Quick Charge?
      Yes. Quick Charge technology supports backwards compatibility scheme. For example, if the mobile device supports only 2.0, the charger will work with 3.0 mode 2.0.
    • How Quick Charge charger behave with devices that are not compatible?
      So called “smart charging” is not able to harm a mobile device that does not support Quick Charge. Such devices are charged in their standard mode.
    • Is it safe to use Quick Charge 3.0?
      Despite the fact that Quick Charge 3.0 runs significantly faster than the previous version, that is not its main feature. Quick Charge 3.0 has better optimization of energy saturation process. For the first 30 minutes, smartphone will receive more than half of the full charge. Further, the power becomes standard, not allowing device to overheat and continuing to provide energy saturation. This assures both safety and optimality.
    • How safe are Intaleo chargers?
      Chargers Intaleo devices comply with CE and FCC, and the rate of use of hazardous materials is controlled by RoHS certificate. In addition, they are equipped with overheating and short circuit protection system.

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